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Moving Overseas - Standard Versus Expedited Shipping

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Whether your family or business are moving overseas, packing for a long distance move can seem daunting. One of the biggest concerns for moving internationally is what item should ship by air for quick arrived, and what can be shipped overseas to arrive eventually. If you can start with a checklist of what is important to have upon your arrival, your international move will be much easier. Here are five items you will want to keep with you or have immediately accessible after an international move.

1. Confidential Information

Personal documents or confidential items that are in hard copy should come along with you. Whether this is a few files or a few banker boxes, keep the most important documents on a faster moving schedule. This will keep documents that need safekeeping out of your hands for a shorter period of time.

2. Valuables

If you have things that are of utmost importance, shortening their journey will shorten the amount of time that they can go missing or be damaged. If there are items that would set you back financially or would irreplaceable, have these priority shipped and have these handled with care apart from the rest of your move.

3. Working Documents

If there are personal or business projects that you are in the middle of, make sure all corresponding information and contacts come along with you. Especially if you are moving your business, your contacts and clients shouldn't feel the burden of you move because their paperwork is delayed or lost in the shuffle.

4. Creature Comforts

There are items that just make our environment feel more comforting. Whether this is your favorite pillow, or a lamp with perfect lighting, get special items to your new space as quickly as possible. Air freight your favorite items to make sure you have them when you might need them the most.

5. Swing Space Needs

Whether for business or for home, there are things that you will need to immediately. Sit down and make a list of items that you find are always needed throughout your day. These necessity items should be air-shipped and be waiting for you at your new location.

Settling into a new environment will take time, especially after an international move. Get yourself up and running in your new location by ensuring that you have the basics with you from the start. Everything else can make its way to you via regular moving timetables and will arrive eventually. Once you know what needs to be shipped immediately, work with an international moving company like MATCO Transportation Systems to coordinate your moving schedule.