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Nestled In The Trees: Businesses That Choose A Natural Setting Need Lighting Solutions

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More and more businesses are choosing to "become one with nature." They construct their commercial buildings in the heart of wooded areas, near streams, and close to wildlife because it makes for a very peaceful setting to both employees and consumers. However, the more "in the woods" you are, the more you are going to need lighting solutions to keep everyone safe at night. The following pathway lighting options are just some of the lighting choices that can work in these settings. 

Solar Stake Lights

These lights have a built-in solar panel in the tops, fronts, or backs of the lamps. The lamps are lit from within with LED bulbs and are attached to a long, sturdy ground stake that you poke into the ground. Because they run on solar power, you never have to change a battery or hardwire these lights into your building's electrical system. If a light is damaged, you only have to replace that one light rather than replacing the entire series. 

Stringed Lights in the Trees

These lights do require an outlet, but you can have a lighting company install outlets in less obvious ways along the path and drive leading up to the building. The stringed lights in trees are especially pretty at night, creating a very inviting path to walk that is safely and adequately illuminated. Since they use LED bulbs, they will not burn the trees or cause harm, and the bulbs will only need replacing about once a year or once every other year if the lights are lit for eight hours every night, all year long. 

Motion Detection Path Lights

These lights do require batteries, but the box that holds the batteries is adequately sealed against the elements. Additionally, because the lights only turn on in response to detected motion, they will not use a lot of battery power over time. They will only use power when they are triggered, which is an added safety feature for employees or consumers coming and going. 

Water-Powered Lights

These lights are especially useful if the ground near your building is constantly wet and/or swampy. The lights utilize the water/moisture to produce electricity, thereby simultaneously making the ground less wet and the path up to your building well-lit. The lights will not dry out the soil entirely; they leave enough moisture for plants and soil bugs to survive and move as usual. 

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