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Office Workstations: Four Factors To Consider Before Purchasing

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The type of workstation you choose affects your productivity, office organization, and health. If you are looking for office workstations for your employees, then the workstations will also affect movement, privacy, and co-working relations.

Hence, when looking for an office workstation, you should consider various factors before making your choice. Here are four considerations to make before buying an office workstation(s).

1. Office Size

The size of the office determines how large a workstation should be. If you have a small office space and intend to purchase multiple workstations for your employees, then the size of the workstations will have to be small.

A large office workstation might take up too much space causing the office to appear cramped. The more crammed an office is, the less the ability to move around or add additional office furniture and equipment such as printers and cabinets. Hence, before buying an office workstation, determine all the other essential equipment you need first. Once you have allocated sufficient space for the equipment, then work out the size of the workstation(s) you should get based on the remaining office space.

2. Functionality

The functionality of a workstation is also vital to consider. For instance, the workstation might require pre-installed electrical and Ethernet ports for easy connectivity for computers, scanners, and printers. Additionally, you might need a workstation with cabinets for storing the documents that are currently in use.

Thus, before selecting a particular workstation, make sure you have accounted for its functionality. It can be an inconvenience to purchase an office workstation that doesn't meet all its functionality needs. In such a case, you have to start customizing the desk to suit the required functions, which is an additional cost and waste of time.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the healthy positioning of the body while working at an office workstation. Wrong bodily posture while working has been the cause of work-related injuries as well as physiological issues. As a result, businesses get urged to consider adjustable workstations so that their employees can adequately set their workstations for office ergonomics.

For instance, an adjustable office workstation has different height levels that allow an employee to set a suitable height that doesn't strain their body while working. Lawsuits could arise against employers if they fail to consider the ergonomics of their office furniture. Thus if an employee gets an injury — for instance, a neck sprain — they can legally sue for workman's compensation.

Hence, when purchasing an office workstation, it is advisable to think about its ergonomic suitability for health purposes.

4. Co-Working Environment

If employees need to discuss or share work-related issues in a work environment, it is advisable to purchase office workstations that facilitate a co-working environment. Office workstations can get built in a variety of ways. You can get them in a row or adjoin them from a central point.

Rowed office workstations are ideal for privacy because they come with a barrier separating each station from the next. However, if you want your employees to work together, an adjoined set of office workstations is better suited.