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How To Advertise For Your New Residential Cleaning Service

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Advertising for a new cleaning business can be tough. Your cleaning business can only appeal to a local market, which means that you need to reach people in your local area. Marketing to people in your area requires marketing tactics like the ones described below. 

Mobile Signs

Most businesses put signs up outside their building as a form of advertisement, drawing in customers by telling the clients where the business is and what the business does. Your cleaning business is probably at a disadvantage in this way because, if it's like many cleaning service businesses, you keep your cleaning materials in your own home and in your vehicle. This begs the question, where can you put a sign to advertise your services? 

Mobile signs are an excellent solution for this problem (from outlets such as (A Affordable Portable Signs). They can be placed in any location and for any length of time. Use a mobile sign placed on a busy street, near the homes of your target customers, or near a crowded store where your target customers likely shop. 

Creative Business Cards

Print professional business cards that state your contact information on one side, and offer a coupon for your services on the other. This will compel potential customers to keep your business card, rather than throw it away. It may also result in your business card being passed from one potential customer to another, as he or she encounters friends and family members who also want to hire a cleaning service.

Internet Advertising

Establishing a website for your cleaning service lends legitimacy to your business, which can in turn generate customers. Many people feel more comfortable working with businesses that have websites, and since your customers will be inviting you into their home on a regular basis, it's important that they feel comfortable working with you.

Build a website with information that doesn't require frequent updating, unless you plan to maintain your website. Websites that are clearly out of date can be detrimental to a business, as they can inadvertently signal to potential customers that the business no longer exists. 


In the first months of business, while you're generating customers, you may find that you have free time with nothing to clean. Going door to door to tell people in your area about your business can be an effective way to advertise. You may also take the time to visit locations like churches and small, independent stores with community bulletin boards. When going door to door, wear professional clothes and carry business cards with you. Have flyers on hand to pin on bulletin boards or pass out to potential customers. 

Building a customer base for your cleaning service will take time. For small, local operations like yours, much advertising will be done through word of mouth. If your business is a good one and your prices are reasonable, you should be able to generate more customers over time.