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5 Tips For Storing Items In A Storage Unit

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There are times when it may be necessary to put some of the items in your home into storage. If you find that storage has become a necessity, then you should make sure that the items that you put into storage are packed in the most secure way. Here are some tips that will help you to store your items properly.

Use Pallets

Never stack your items on the floor, always elevate them by using pallets. This is because there is never any guarantee that melting snow won't seep under the storage unit's door. If other units are close to your unit, then using pallets becomes even more important, since these units may have spills that may seep under your storage unit's door and damage valuable furniture or other items. To avoid this, stack everything on pallets.

Use Industrial Plastic Wrap

Wrap items that are not boxed in industrial plastic wrap. Wrapping items in industrial plastic wrap ensures that your items are sealed tightly. Industrial plastic wrap will ensure that items such as furniture and large appliances do not gather dust or crawling insects overtime.

Tighten Security

Although most storage facilities will have security in place, you should never take anything for granted. Buy an all-weather padlock with a very short arm. This will ensure that someone cannot use a bolt cutter to slice the lock open.

Create Aisles

When stacking a large amount of boxes, you should create aisles so that moving in between items will be easier. Using ply board to stabilize layers is a great way to prevent items from accidentally falling. You should also ensure that the labels on each box in the aisle are facing out. In addition, when you stack boxes, be careful not to stack them too high, since this may make retrieving some of them dangerous.

Create Checklists

Even though you should make sure that you have labeled everything, you might want to get even more organized if you have packed several items into one box. Over time you might forget what you have placed in some boxes and this can make retrieving some items more tedious. One way to avoid this is to create a checklist for all the items in the box and paste it under or above the label on the box.

Getting organized is the best way to ensure that the items that you put into storage are safe and secure at all times.