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Three Safety Factors To Consider When Cleaning Your Gutters

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Regular cleaning helps to keep your house's gutters working correctly, but ascending to the roof and performing this necessary maintenance isn't child's play. Working around your roof carries a significant number of risks, and while you can certainly do the work yourself, you must make safety your number one priority. If you're the least bit queasy about tackling a project of this nature, it's best to pick up the phone and call a licensed gutter-cleaning company like Victoria Window Cleaning. Otherwise, take the following safety precautions if you're the do-it-yourself type.

The Right Clothing

Before you begin the task of cleaning your gutters, make sure you're dressed appropriately for the project. The main priority is to wear work gloves and a comfortable pair of shoes with rubber soles. In general, your clothing should suit the weather and allow you to move with comfort while you work. Stay away from clothing that's excessively baggy, as it can snag on the ladder or the gutters themselves and lead to an injury.

Ladder Safety

Successfully navigating your ladder is the riskiest part of cleaning your gutters, so it's imperative that you carefully inspect your ladder to ensure it's in proper working order before you begin the project. Ensure the rungs are tight, the hinges work correctly and that nothing is cracked or warped. Always set your ladder on a level surface and use a partner to steady the ladder. When you're standing on the ladder and cleaning your gutters, work only within the immediate vicinity; it might be tempting to reach several feet in either direction, but doing so is extremely risky. It's far safer to descend to the ground and move the ladder a few feet at a time. If your ladder isn't long enough to reach the roof, rent an extension ladder -- don't stand your ladder on a patio table, for example.

Proper Tools

Not only does using a hose make the job of cleaning your gutters easier, but it also increases the safety of the project. Ensure your garden hose is long enough to reach the roof with plenty to spare, or buy an extender kit for the project. Instead of standing on the ladder or the edge of your roof and trying to remove leaves with your outstretched hand, simply set the hose's nozzle to a hard spray and blast the debris from a safe distance. Using a gutter-cleaning scoop in conjunction with the hose allows you to work efficiently and safely.