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Planning To Move Soon? How To Get To Your New Home With Just Your Vehicle

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Whether you are moving into an apartment, condo, or home, you have to find a reliable way to get all of your possessions in your current home to your new home. Although you could rent a moving truck or get a pod service that allows you to put everything in a huge container and have it shipped, you may want to minimize moving costs and mainly rely on taking your vehicle along.

It is important to know how to get rid of items or get them to your new home inexpensively.

Donate Books to the Local Library

One of the best things that you can do for your city is to donate books to the local library. Although you can donate them to charity or a thrift store that helps out individuals, going straight to the library is a great way to give back to the community that you have been living in. As long as the books are in decent condition, you should not have any problems with the library not being able to take them.

If you want to keep some books, you should think about using Media Mail, which is one of the cheapest ways to get books to a new destination that does not involve bringing them in your vehicle. Since books can weigh a lot and reduce your overall gas mileage more than a box of clothing, shipping is ideal.

Sell or Donate Your Furniture

While you may be attached to some of the furniture in your home, you will need to get rid of most pieces if you intend on driving to your new residence without renting a moving truck or pod. It might take some time, but you can look forward to buying used furniture that fits your wants and needs at a low price.

Get Shipping Services from Movers

If you have run out of potential room in your car for the move, it is best to leave the rest of your belongings safely with a moving company, like AAA BC Moving Inc. Not only can moving companies help take care of shipping your items for you, they can also get it delivered on time and without damage—allowing you to enjoy more space in your car for the move.

Invest in a Roof Rack and Tow Trailer

To give your vehicle some more storage room, you should consider buying a roof rack and renting a tow trailer. However, you need to look at your vehicle's weight capacity to determine how far you can go with adding extra possessions before you start to reach the physical limitations of your car.

It is entirely possible to move with just your vehicle; you just need to have a plan in mind.