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Associating Your Company With Health And Wellness Through Water Bottles

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Branded giveaways are among the best ways to draw attention to your company and receive free advertising. Customers appreciate the useful gift. While you must charge regularly for a billboard, having your company name on a personalized water bottle label will advertise your company for free. Also, unlike many other products, customers are more likely to use your water bottle regularly. To maximize the benefits of giving away personalized water bottles, place emphasis on the importance of staying hydrated during the summer.

Promote the Importance of Hydration

Begin your water bottle promotion at the beginning of summer and emphasize the importance of staying hydrated all summer long. By focusing on the health of your customers, you will show customers that you care and you will also become associated with health and wellness. 

Explain How Disposable Bottles Harm the Environment

Another point to emphasize is the effect that bottles of water have on the environment and how much it costs to continue purchasing bottles of water. Having a high-quality water bottle that can last a lifetime is much more useful than regularly purchasing cases of bottled water.

Explain the Importance of Drinking Water

The Institute of Medicine recommends that women drink at least 8 glasses of fluids a day and that men drink at least 12 glasses of fluid a day. While you can choose all sorts of things when meeting this requirement, water is an easy solution. Pop is very bad for you, and water is a sugar-free alternative. Not only is too much sugar bad for you, but you may become tired of consuming so much sugar. 

Design an Amazing Water Bottle

Now that you got the water bottle in the customer's hand, make sure that the label is well-designed so that your company will look professional and so that you will be able to attract attention. Include the name of your company or a recognizable logo. It's helpful to include a website or phone number so customers can easily reach you.

Your water bottle label can also be used to make drinking water cool. A beautiful label design will accomplish this as well as the text you include on the label. Include catchy phrases or list statistics on the health benefits of drinking water. Or, consider including an inspirational quote that is associated with water. Whatever you pick, keeping the water bottle interesting will draw more attention to it and to your company.

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