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Use Personalized Die Cut Stickers To Promote Your Company's Services And Upcoming Events

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If you are a real estate agent and are going to be introducing yourself to people of the community during an informal street block party, it may be hard for people to match your face to the services that you provide if you do not leave a lasting impression. One way to get your point across without needing to do a whole lot of talking is by handing out personalized die cut stickers. Stickers can promote everything from business services to upcoming events.

What Is A Die Cut Sticker And How Are Orders Handled?

A die cut sticker contains a picture or advertisement that is printed on vinyl. A strong adhesive is located on the opposite side of the vinyl. Die cut stickers are cut precisely so that a consumer can purchase stickers that contain a unique shape that can be representative of a corporation, personal achievement, promotional item, or event.

Many printing companies offer an upload feature on their sites, which will allow a client to send the company a design plan. A photograph, picture, or description of the desired product can be provided and a company will create a personalized die cut sticker that matches the example. Afterward, a proof will be sent back to a client. If a client approves the proof, then die stickers will be mass-produced.

Choose The Sticker Themes

Think about some information that you would like to share with your projected audience. Are you mainly wanting individuals to know that you handle residential and commercial real estate in a specific area, or would you like to share the fees that you charge, current promotions, or impending open houses? Write down the main idea that you would like to convey through each vinyl sticker design.

Now, think of a shape that will represent the message that you are sharing. For housing ideas, you could choose a sticker shape of an actual house. For an open house, you could choose a balloon or welcome mat shape. If you have a specific logo that is used at your real estate company, then incorporate it into a unique design for a separate type of vinyl sticker.

Upload your information to a printing company and be sure to include the desired size of each sticker design, the colors that should be printed on each one, and the amount of stickers that you would like to order. After receiving a proof of each sticker design and approving of all of them, submit your order. After your order arrives, bring the vinyl die cut stickers along with you to the block party and hand them out to the people who you meet.