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Prepare Your Master Bathroom For Aging In Place

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Using a shower stall and a standard tub are often taken for granted and many homeowners do not contemplate how much more difficult things will be when they grow older. If you have witnessed a loved one struggling with mobility and they decided to invest in a walk-in bathtub, consider having this addition added to your own master bathroom. A walk-in model can be customized to contain features that you will appreciate now and when you age.

Size And Safety

It is ideal to choose a walk-in model that is the same size as the tub that is currently inside of your bathroom. If the shower stall is located near the tub and you have decided to replace both of the units at the same time, you can upgrade the size of the walk-in tub and choose a model that is larger than what you are currently accustomed to using.

A larger tub will support the use of a built-in bench seat and safety rails. Some additional safety features that you may prefer are handles that are aligned along the seating area, a non-slip surface, and a locking mechanism that will prevent the door from accidentally opening while you are bathing.

Fill And Drain And Door Styles

A walk-in tub requires a user to enter the bathing unit prior to turning on the water. You may be used to preparing your baths ahead of time and enjoy being able to instantly submerge yourself in steamy water. If you choose a walk-in model that contains a quick fill and drain function, you won't be subjected to getting cold, either before or after the bathing process.

When researching tub models, ask a salesperson about the rate at which water comes out of a faucet or enters a drain system. Choose a door style that will be wide enough for you to comfortably enter a unit and that will be complementary to the tub design that you choose.

Therapeutic Features

Envision yourself enjoying pulsating water or breathing in an aroma that is pleasant. Modern walk-in models allow a customer to choose the location and number of jets that a tub is supplied with.

You can either have jets dispersed along the interior wall that will be directly behind your back or you can have jets added all around the tub to create a whirlpool-like experience. An aromatherapy tub features a built-in unit that holds a scent cartridge. During each bathing session, you can close your eyes and relax while smelling something pleasant.

For more information, contact a walk-in tub conversion service.